Static Web Designing

Static Web Designing is a good choice for small business operators because it can be easily loaded on a browser. The images and graphic display in a static web design can be viewed quickly by the consumers. Static web designing is simply defined as writing an HTML for static web pages. You will have a difficult time creating a static web design if you are not familiar with HTML. This is why you need the professional services of the ArushInfotech Web Design team. Static Web Design can be viewed by more people because it takes faster time to load on the internet.

Website Redesign

There are numerous reasons why a company wants to redesign their website. If you are expanding your business or you are shifting into another kind of service, you should redesign your old website. Some business owners may just want to have a new and trendy website design to show that the company is undergoing changes. ArushInfotech can help you redesign your website without changing the original idea of your business. We can submit to you our redesign plan for your approval. We will make sure that everything is fresh and new to avoid any design repetition. The landing page design should have new images, graphics or banners to show that the website is being redesigned.

Website Design

Website designing is continuously changing every year. The best design tools last year may not be the most sought after software today. This is the reason why the ArushInfotech website design team is constantly upgrading and updating our software to provide our clients with the latest in website design. Our design team knows that the homepage should make a good impression and we always want to deliver outstanding landing page design. We can also provide a template design for the client so that they can have an idea on what type of design they want for their business.

Included in our website design services are Splash Page Design, One Page Site Design, Newsletter Design and Template Design. We use HTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript and Javascript Libraries as tools for a much-improved web design that is suitable for the client.