• 5 reasons to choose drupal

    There are numerous content management systems out there on the market and it's often difficult to decide which one to use. We put together our top 5 reasons why we chose Drupal for our own web site and why we offer it to our clients.

    1. No licensing fees - Stop wasting valuable dollars on proprietary software licensing costs. Many companies charge up to $10,000/year to use their commercial CMS. Not Drupal—it’s “open-source” which means that the software license is free. You can use the money you save to tailor your implementation to best meet your organizational needs and increase the overall level of satisfaction of your web site.
    2. Thousands of add-on features - With more than 8,800 available modules, the vast majority of your site’s requirements can be addressed with Drupal core and available add-on modules. These modules can be modified to meet your business needs at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to focus your efforts on building great web sites.
    3. Proven security track record - With a large, thriving developer community and thousands of sites with years of use, Drupal offers a mature, stable set of security capabilities for authentication, authorization, and protection against security threats. The Drupal community takes security seriously and marshals its vast resources against new threats in real time.
    4. Social publishing infrastructure - Drupal provides a foundation for a broad range of social networking tools such as blogs, wikis, articles, forums, social networking, and much more.
    5. Thriving development community - With thousands of contributors to the latest Drupal 7 release and 8,800 available modules, the Drupal developer community is very active and growing rapidly. This community drives the innovation that makes Drupal the preferred choice for web developers and site owners.


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